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Traditional handmade watchmaking

Tourbillon Classique Souscription Edition - SOLD OUT

The Tourbillon Classique Souscription Edition is a classically proportioned, beautifully finished timepiece by Vincent Deprez. With a case diameter of 39 mm, the Tourbillon Classique features an open dial revealing a 60-second tourbillon. Handmade using traditional tools, the Souscription Edition is a limited edition of 10 pieces in stainless steel with a dark blue or cream-colored oven-fired subdial displaying hours and minutes.


Vincent Deprez makes the Tourbillon Classique by hand using traditional tools. Vincent makes the movement components (including tourbillon cage), case, and even fires his own enamel dials. The only components not made by Vincent are the strap, buckle, hands, jewels, mainspring, balance spring, balance wheel, sapphire crystals, mainspring barrel, and 90° gearing in the winding mechanism.


The dial side is dominated by a 60-second tourbillon suspended under a large, beautifully polished bridge. Vincent chose to display hours and minutes on a small dial to show off as much of the winding and setting mechanism as possible. The visible main plate features a traditional frosted finish, which was common on historic high-end watches.


The hand-polished, 39 mm diameter, 316L stainless steel case is handmade from a blank by Vincent Deprez. The backplate framing the sapphire crystal display back is set into the case to maximize the slim profile of the watch.


The 60-second tourbillon movement is an original Vincent Deprez design and construction. The back features a traditional frosted finish and hand-polished anlage with sharp internal angles. Jewels and screws sit in hand-polished countersinks; the screw heads are also hand-polished. A neatly concealed spring barrel click runs around the curve, following the outline of the numbered edition disk.


Vincent Deprez Tourbillon Classique Souscription Edition

Indications: hours, minutes, seconds (indicated around the tourbillon cage)
Case: 316L stainless steel
Dimensions: 39 mm diameter x 11. 3 mm high
Movement: one-minute tourbillon, handmade, high-level finishing, limited to 20 pieces, tourbillon cage 12.6 mm in diameter, tourbillon bridge 22.8 mm, balance spring with Breguet overcoil
Jewels: 15
Frequency: 2.5 Hz/18,000 vph
Dial: dark blue or cream-colored oven-fired enamel, 18 mm diameter
Power reserve: 52 hours
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: ostrich leather
Dial: oven-fired, entirely handmade by Vincent Deprez using traditional tools and machines
Presentation case: walnut
Limitation: 10 pieces in stainless steel
Price: 89 500 Swiss francs (excluding shipping and any applicable taxes)